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The Farmers Need Fertilizer Not Cement

Jumat, 6/26/2020 12:50:00 AM WIB Last Updated 2023-02-11T03:43:47Z

Oleh : Acik Wesa (WK. Bidang Kajian Ilmiah DPC GMNI Makassar)

Sulsel, Makassar, LidiNews.com - The polemic of the cement factory and limestone quarry in Satar Punda Village, Lambaleda Subdistrict, East Manggarai Regency, is heating up. The Pro-mining group prefers and defends on the terms of community welfare, economic growth, employment and long-term development of the East Manggarai. Whereas the public groups who are contra to the presence of a cement factory, put more emphasis on ecological studies, environmental impacts, long-term impacts of farmers and other study considerations.

However, the most urgent thing that must be understood together is that the dominance of the inhabitants of Lingko Lolok are farmers. Farmers are the object of study by environmental activists, social activists, students and academics.

The serious effect is that first, farmers surrender "agricultural land" to investors who will handle cement factories and limestone mines. Farmers live on agricultural land. Then? Secondly, farmers who are in related locations are likely to have educational administrative strata that do not allow them to obtain positions in cement factories as professional workers. Third, companies need professional workers who will work in related companies.

Logically, the natives will become unskilled laborers on their own land. Fourth, the ecological destruction around the mining area will actually affect the life of the biota that is around the nearest location. Fifth, farmers receive a cement factory not because of a long-term analysis study but an urgent need that makes them feel compelled to accept. Forcing farmers to understand the cement industry is like forcing babies to understand statistics. Especially if it is supported by non-supportive human resources.  From the irony phenomenon conveyed above, the writer wants to convey that the government has been wretched in taking public policy.

The government prioritizes the prospect of progress on a 'mind' scale rather than on the factual and reality progress of the community. Why is that? Logically, placing a policy by establishing a cement factory in the farmer's environment will result in farmers becoming slaves and manual labor in the location of cement factories and mines.

The author was initially sympathetic with the firmness and symposium of the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat. At the beginning of his leadership, Viktor issued a moratorium on mining in East Nusa Tenggara. It contained more or less like "mining is not a good choice to improve the economy of the people of East Nusa Tenggara". According to Viktor, the mine will close the people's agricultural land, and damage the environment which is at risk of flooding and landslides.

Then why is mine discourse in Nusa Tenggar Timur Now? Is viktor already amnesia? Has Viktor forgotten his promise? Has Viktor been affected by the sweets from investors? We only collect Viktor's promise.

If Viktor is consistent with his statement, we will all support it. That NTT people are more expecting policies that support agricultural empowerment. The reason is that farmers really need a touch of the government's hand in agricultural cultivation. Farmers need fertilizer from the government, farmers need superior seeds from the government, farmers need government knowledge. Farmers do not expect the government to seize their land.

It is very wrong and wretch to think if the title is a farmer, then the axis of work is in a mining company. This is quite upset. The insight possessed by the government is deceived by the common sense of the mind on the table and forgetting reality.

Farmers: hoes, machetes, sickles, fertilizers, superior seeds, marketing of agricultural products, and other things in the context of agriculture. Agriculture is shifted to mining and cement factories, so what do they think they are at the company?

The government should be smarter than farmers, the government should not lie to farmers. Farmers will obey the government if sweet promises are delivered. Farmer's human resources are still lacking, please don't be fooled, sir.

How damned the government is if it deceives the peasants, deceives the small people who do not have qualified knowledge.
Empower farmers.

Don't betray the farmer
Farmer: small people but have the same rights in this country. Threaten it !!

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  • The Farmers Need Fertilizer Not Cement


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